No man is better than a machine, and no machine is better than a man with a machine.


If you don't have a time for trading, We have a Solution for you! ForexCopy is an InstaForex service that allows you to duplicate orders of Elomgroup traders even when you are away from your trading terminal. One of the advantages of the ForexCopy system is its reliability. The follower can fully control the situation, as the money stays on his account.




From the moment we wake up (to check how the markets performed overnight) until the time we go back to bed (before doing another check of how the market is set to open on the other side of the globe), technology now plays a critical role in everything we do and the way we do things.
Some automation replaces the tasks that people do. Other automation enhances the work of people, making people more capable and effective. When is each relevant? One rule commonly discussed in robotics is that automation should replace people for tasks that fall into one or more of the three Ds: dirty, dull, and dangerous. But for other tasks, those that are clean, exciting, creative, and safe, automation should be used to augment human abilities.
Routine skills, whether manual or mental, can be automated (and in many cases have already been), but this kind of automation does not lessen the need for highly qualified people. Indeed, it enhances their abilities, making them even more valuable. Let me give a trivial example.
The development of calculators (from arithmetic through calculus) and computer systems did not eliminate the need for people with mathematical training. What it did was eliminate the kinds of clerical errors even great mathematicians make. The machines and programs do the math; the mathematician concentrates on figuring out what problems should be solved. The human mind is far more powerful when coupled with the smart tool. The combination is far superior to either one alone.

Technology and human intelligence have different characteristics, different strengths, and different ways of working. Machines process information very quickly, never get bored, and reliably do the things they are designed to do. People excel at tasks requiring the exercise of creativity, a response to unexpected situations, or general attentiveness to the entire surrounding environment. A truly powerful automation approach takes these different strengths into account to create a superior, collaborative system.

ELOMGROUP (Efficient Literacy Of Modified Trading ) are managing traders of Instaforex Company with various background in different specialization ( engineering, accounting, developer, programmer, etc) that simply contribute to the transformation of society in trading business ( forex, Energy, Indices, & Precious Metal) to achieve a more profitable, sustainable, and simpler future. Elomgroup started their journey with human capabilities, designing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) to take over the parts of a task that people are bad at and let people decide upon high-level goals and constraints.

The unique invention of EURO system(Electronic Unified Resilience Outlet -AI) really help to make trading efficient for human. The AI are wired to stick to system commands and take valid trade signals, without feeling pain from losses or joy from wins.

Even though the foreign exchange market is open 24 hours a day, humans can’t possibly stay up all day and night throughout the trading week just to keep track of price action the entire time but with Euro System-AI, on the other hand, can be programmed to watch market movements without the need to rest or even take pee breaks. It simply follows a set of rules based on technical indicators or price action and can execute trades automatically. For a lot of traders who’d like to profit from market movements during a particular trading session but are stuck in a different time zone, calibration of this new Euro system (AI) means that they don’t need to worry about trading sleep for pips.

Ultimately, no amount of technology can currently replace a large number of roles filled by people. Humans are still key in making big decisions, thinking creatively and providing unique insights specially in the market. Machines and automation can be great tools but they still require human input.

Elomgroup success is driven by many traders (investors)who want to earn a consistent profit in their portfolio.This scheme lays down a foundation for control of a sophisticated technological artificial intelligence system involving human operation and provides efficient way to fuse human intelligence with the machine artificial intelligence. The scheme is implemented and tested in a real metatrader 4 trading platform which other traders/investors can simply request for viewing and calibration.

Technology is best when it brings life in its’ simplicity.

Elomgroup and affiliated traders are continually innovating a comprehensive range of systems and services that increase profitability, reliability, and consistency for our trading in a simplified approach.


Elomgroup trading formula( Euro System AI + Human Input+ Prayer)= Success Elomgroup traders believe neither Man, Nor Machine can replace its CREATOR. No matter how sophisticated our technology is but without God, we will not succeed in our mission.


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InstaVerify makes verification quick, simple and convenient.
Do you want to get access to a full range of InstaForex services? For that, you need to verify your trading account. Our partner new mobile app InstaVerify will make this process convenient and simple for you.

With this application, the verification can be done in just a few clicks: take a photo, upload a picture from the gallery, and send it for verification. InstaVerify allows you to keep track of your trading account or bank card verification status and gives instant access to technical support.
Take full advantage of InstaForex services: go through the verification process with InstaVerify and get access to a wide range of trading opportunities.

InstaVerify guarantees security of your data and quick data exchange. The app is available for Android.

If you have any questions about verification, please feel free to contact our partner broker Instaforex via email verification@mail.instaforex.com or support@instaforex.com, or ask our Partner Head division ms. Marina Kriukuva marina.krukova@instafxgroup.com for urgent approval.                

For more details,  click this link :VERIFICATION PROCESS


What is Elomgroup? Is this an Investment Company?

Elomgroup are traders in the financial market and absolutely NOT an Investment company. We only assist but we don't collect or accept any form of cash instrument, instead we request our client to open their own separate account to  Instaforex broker and let them voluntarily decide if they are interested to follow our trades or not. Our client has the right to unsubscribe our services anytime if they are not happy with our actual performance. We are also dedicated to share different strategies and support new members who are willing to learn about financial market and on how we can earn passive income together.

How to be a member of Elomgroup family?

  • Read and understand the risk disclaimer. Do not invest what you cannot afford to lose.
  • Open an account in Instaforex broker thru our website www.elom-group.com
  •  Understand the rules in copy trade system and allow Elomgroup to calibrate your account in accordance to what is recommended setting.

What is the process in Deposit and Withdrawal?

For Deposit
If your account is verified.. You can deposit thru skrill, bankcard, online transfer, BTC, litecoin & Etherium etc.. You can call us for assistance so we can evaluate what is the best approach for you in your current location/country.

If you are going to use BTC for deposit, there is no need for you to get verified.

Withdrawal (2 option)
1) You can send an email to our Partner Head Division Marina.krukova@instafxgroup.com about your request.
2) You can withdraw by yourself by following the insruction in the withdrawal process by log in first in your client cabinet and withdraw based in the original instrument of deposit.

if you deposit BTC, you have to withdraw your fund in BTC
if you deposit thru bancard, you can only withdraw and send to your bankcard registered.

You can call us for assistance before proceeding any  deposit/withdrawal to ensure that you will not encounter any issue .

Can I request back testing to check the actual performance of trades?

Yes,  but we need to evaluate our client first if he is really interested in joining our small family. The good thing is that, we do back testing in live trades, meaning Elomgroup traders  are going to fund first your account in your real account to show our actual performance in live market (max. limit of $2,000) and after you are satisfied with the result in a week, You have to decide if you are going to join or not.. The advantage of joining us is that the profit that we earn during the week of back testing will be given to you but if you back out then you cannot claim the profit. This R3 strategy (REAL RECOGNIZES REAL) is a unique strategy  by Elomgroup trader.

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What we do has far greater impact than what we say.. You can start earning while doing the back testing..