For Philippine VIP clients. We are happy to buy your USD@ 47 and Sell USD@ 50, bank charges will be shouldered by us ( if applicable.) We will also give you a USD50 coupon bonus on your first transaction once you are being verified. Reserve Coupon bonus $19K as of today, so avail now and share the good news. Contact us for assistance, we are here to help. 

Additional info:

For few clients in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, and South Africa, We strongly recommend you to use the EASY CRYPTO platform / in your deposits and withdrawals. It is the most credible platform we have tested and subscribe to. Fast and easy to use and good customer service. Easycyrpto guaranteed their hassle-free service which we have proven to be reliable. ( see sample video for withdrawal sample tutorial).

 If you need assistance: Don't hesitate to email us: